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Lijia town party to celebrate the 93 anniversary of the chorus competition report

To celebrate the 93 anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China (CPC), 2 0 14 years in July, at half past one in the afternoon, Lijia town government organs, enterprises and institutions a total of nine delegation grand were a theme of “the practice of the mass line, sing happy Lijia” chorus competition, the town more than 2000 members and performance team gathered, packed. Fengshun enterprises as the representatives of political and business enterprises participating in the competition.

In Lijia town choir competition notice issued by enterprises, the chairman of the board of directors of the company issued important instructions: actively cooperate with each department of the company, and actively participate in Lijia town to celebrate the anniversary of its founding 93 choral competitions, or not to participate in, to participate in the competition to match our Fengshun spirit, team spirit.

Last 1 month choral rehearsal, led by the executive deputy director Ye min, administrative personnel organization, each sector to take the lead in, 47 colleagues concerted, in busy work spare time over and over again to rehearse. Finally, to tidy dress, full of spirit and high enthusiasm, loud and clear voice show of party, the motherland towards the revival, create brilliant hopes and wishes, won the warm applause of the audience and the third prize medals.

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Chorus competition focuses on “close” word, Fengshun enterprises throughout the choral activities completed successfully, is inseparable from the chorus of 47 officers in the busy production task compact arrangement, extrusion time to attend rehearsals chorus items required in support of the Ministry of storage, can timely make the tools in place to choral conducting teacher shuttle has been driving classes every time give up lunch time actively cooperate with in order to save costs, lease clothes don”t fit the contestants also actively take the initiative to use aided tools will dress in order to best.

Fengshun everything, everyone always adhere to the responsibility, loyalty, cooperation, the pursuit of enterprise core value view, for the sustainable development of enterprise, the contribution of our humble to the socialist construction under the leadership of the Communist Party of China.

Chorus competition day Lijia town Party branch organization of Party members to prepare positive swearing and outstanding Party members sworn in recognition of, Fengshun enterprises finance department Qin Qin accounting as outstanding Party member, speaking on behalf of, indicating that seriously study the party”s line, principles and policies, adhere to start from the trivial, conscientiously fulfill the duties of a party member, strives for the position and attitude.

Fengshun company from Chairman Guan Zhongjian to the Department leadership, there is no lack of outstanding Party members, in the business activities of the party to play the role of the party”s fighting force and vanguard role model.

From Party members and to the masses, must adhere to create a strong love for the party and hold the party atmosphere and a good social environment, and firmly believe that follow the party, compose towards the revival, create brilliant song.

Post time: Jan-05-2019
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